Our Team - Indie Bookstore Run by Local Readers and Parents

How it Started

White family of 5 dressed in christmas pajamas in front of a vintage RV
Em Dash Books started as a family affair run by Lola, Robert, and their three kiddos. Reading brought Robert and Lola together. While working together at a sf/fantasy fan convention, Lola made an offhand book recommendation to a room full of people. Robert took out his phone and was the only one who actually wrote down the rec, which led Lola to ask him for coffee. If you've ever given a book rec to someone who nodded and you knew they would never actually look it up... you'd know how special this little gesture was. 

When kids came into the picture, they showered the oldest Watson with books and loved reading to him. As an early reader Lola hoped this love of listening to stories would lead to another reader in the house. Studying children's literature and linguistics meant Lola knew a lot about language development. She noticed a delay but also knew all kids develop in their own time and there are variations in normal. Eventually it was discovered their oldest kiddo had dyslexia. Now ten years old, it has been a long road to encouraging and fostering a love of reading. Helping share the resources from her training and the personal experiences encouraging their kids to read despite learning differences was a big inspiration behind starting the bookstore. All their kids are an integral part of their bookstore business.
What started as a mobile pop-up and book trailer run just by the Watsons has grown into a thriving brick and mortar store. Next stop, non-profit status here we come!!

How it's Going

Em Dash Books has now found a home in downtown Buda just outside Austin and within easy reach to the rest of the Hill Country. (FYI it's pronounced Byoo-da like in beautiful!) We're thrilled to be a part of the vibrant and historic downtown area.