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Gemstone Dragons 4: Emerald's Blooming Secret by Samantha M. Clark

Gemstone Dragons 4: Emerald's Blooming Secret by Samantha M. Clark

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Perfect for fans of Unicorn Princesses, this sparkly new chapter book series stars a group of adorable dragons each with their own special gemstone magic.

In an enchanted world full of magical creatures, a group of Gemstone Dragons live in Sparkle Cave deep inside Mineral Mountain. Each dragon has a unique magical power that comes from their gemstone, and while the powers are fun, sometimes they get the dragons into trouble. But there's no problem the Gemstone Dragons can't overcome by working together.

Emerald has THE BEST gift planned for Sapphire's birthday this year! He's collected every wildflower seed in Gemstone Valley so he can grow a special garden. But Emerald's plan means that no flowers bloom in the rest of the Valley, which makes the other dragons and creatures sad. When Emerald's plan goes wrong, he finds himself in the middle of a flowery mess. Can Emerald fix everything himself? Or will he realize that sometimes sharing is even better than winning?

Join this adorable group of dragons on an action-packed adventure filled with magic, friendship, and teamwork!

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