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The Girl Explorers by Jayne Zanglein

The Girl Explorers by Jayne Zanglein

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Never tell a woman where she doesn't belong.

In 1932, Roy Chapman Andrews, president of the men-only Explorers Club, boldly stated to hundreds of female students at Barnard College that "women are not adapted to exploration," and that women and exploration do not mix. He obviously didn't know a thing about either...

The Girl Explorers is the inspirational and untold story of the founding of the Society of Women Geographers―an organization of adventurous female world explorers―and how key members served as early advocates for human rights and paved the way for today's women scientists by scaling mountains, exploring the high seas, flying across the Atlantic, and recording the world through film, sculpture, and literature.

Discover the untold narratives of fearless female adventurers who defied societal norms and ventured into uncharted territories as they crisscross continents, daringly explore remote landscapes, and conquer the skies. 

From the breathtaking expeditions in the dense Amazon rainforest to the heart-pounding aviation feats that broke barriers, this book sheds light on the remarkable achievements of trailblazing explorers.

The Girl Explorers celebrates courage, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of these pioneers who paved the way for future generations. Immerse yourself in their extraordinary experiences, from the breathtaking discoveries of hidden civilizations to the thrilling encounters with exotic wildlife.

Through meticulous research and riveting storytelling, this book brings to life the remarkable journeys of these women, revealing the hardships they faced, the victories they achieved, and the lasting impact they left on the world. Join us as we celebrate their extraordinary legacy!

The Girl Explorers is an inspiring examination of forgotten women from history, perfect for fans of bestselling narrative history books like The Radium Girls, The Woman Who Smashed Codes, and Rise of the Rocket Girls.

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